Hello dear paper flower enthusiast! My name is Cristina Ciovarta and I’m the artist behind Christine Paper Design.

In 2013 I launched my brand and I’ve been making paper flowers ever since, accumulating knowledge and experience that I now share through my courses. I started by revealing my techniques for making elaborated paper flowers in written courses and tutorials, because I love photography and I express myself better in writing. My perspective for these materials has been to create complex visual guides that show most of my skills and knowhow, so others can learn and integrate them into their personal creative approach. I do this with honesty and respect for this art. I think the written courses challenges you to be more in sync with your own creative self. This being said, I’ve also started to create elaborated video courses because so many of you enjoy this format. The Paper Peony is one of them which I’m sure many of you will appreciate.

Cafe au Lait Dahlia

Online Course - coming soon.