Peonies, the king of all spring flowers!

I consider them to be some of the most beautiful and mighty flowers out there .

Let’s explore them together throughout this course, where I plan to teach you everything I’ve learned so far on how to make a luscious fluffy white peony from heavy weight crepe paper. This flower is so complex, with an impressive variety of styles and colors, not to mention the hundreds of petals shapes, so the inspiration for this project is endless. I will share some of my personal research, techniques and methods so you get to discover this beautiful flower. I will reveal how I prepare and paint the paper, how I cut and shape the petals, how I make the center elements, the sepals, the buds, the leaves and stems, all of them with a lot of botanical details. I will assemble all of these elements into a lovely extravagant and elegant flower, a symbol of beauty and perfection.

Course curriculum

    1. Course preview, Curriculum & Terms of use

    2. Introduction

    3. Printable section - Written course, TEMPLATES, procedural steps and more

    4. Cutting and painting the paper

    5. Laminating the papers - tips and techniques

    6. Making the peony pistil

    7. Cutting and shaping the interior petals - part 1 - cutting the petals

    8. Cutting and shaping the interior petals - part 2 - shaping the petals

    9. Adding the interior petals to the pistil

    10. Cutting and shaping the exterior petals

    11. Adding the exterior petals

    1. Laminating and coloring the green paper

    2. Cutting, shaping and coloring the sepals and bracts.

    3. Adding the back elements and the flower stem

    4. Making the peony buds

    5. Cutting, shaping and assembling the peony foliage

    6. Adding the buds and the foliage to the stem - final details

    1. Laminating and coloring the pink paper

    2. Cutting the petals

    3. Shaping the petals

    4. Assembling the flower head

About this course

  • $98.00
  • 21 lessons
  • 5 hours of video content


Written course, procedural steps, templates and drawings, video course and bonus course.

  • Written course

    To perfect the learning experience, I’ve created a written course with 81 pages that has all the information needed, procedural steps and images to exemplify every step presented in the video course.

  • Printable section

    A wide range of materials that you can download and print: written procedural steps, reference images with peonies and deconstructed flowers, template pages and personal drawings, supply list.

  • Video content

    The total 5 hours of video content is edited and structured in the best way possible in order for the information to be presented in a concise manner, to keep you in front of the screen for a minimum amount of time. Each video is accompanied by written procedural steps.

Bonus material

How to make a pink garden peony using the fine 90 gr. crepe paper.

  • Pink garden peony

    30 $

    In addition to this course, as a bonus, I decided to share my methods of making a pink garden peony, using the fine 90 gr. Italian crepe paper. I will teach you how to make the flower head, from cutting the paper to attaching the petals. All the rest of the elements, like adding the greens, are the same.


  • How to work with the heavy weight crepe paper and all the techniques I use to dissolve the paper grains and make it look softer.

  • How I paint the heavy weight crepe paper with acrylics.

  • Tips and tricks on how to laminate all paper weights using white glue.

  • How to cut an impressive amount of petals and sculpt them in order to obtain that peony rich petal layering.

  • How to make the peony pistil.

  • How to assemble and attach all the petals to the flower center.

  • How to make the sepals and bracts with anatomical details and how to add them to the flower in the correct position.

  • How to create peony buds and foliage.

  • How to assemble all of these elements and create a natural looking flower stem.


  • What type of materials do I need to take this course?

    For the flower, you need some heavy weight crepe paper, 180 gr. white-cream or 160 gr. antique white. For the green elements you need the 160 gr. grass green but you can substitute it with the 90 grams. For the bonus section, you need the 90 gr. crepe paper, codes 361 and 379. You also need Mod Podge glossy finish and mat finish, good quality white glue, Tacky glue and hot glue with hot glue gun, floral wires in different gages, scissors, wire cutter, embossing tools and all the basic materials that every paper florist should have in the studio. For the coloring process I use acrylics (white, naples yellow, ochre, chrome oxide green, sap green/dark green, magenta, permanent red light and brown) and Pan Pastels (burnt sienna shade , red iron oxide, white, magenta, hansa yellow shade, bright yellow green). You also need a few paintbrushes and art sponges.

  • How long can I access the course?

    As long as Christine Paper Design exists and I can sustain the activity and the hosting cost. I will do my best to make that happen for a long time but my advice is, once you purchase the course make the best of it; download all the materials and explore them, watch the videos and try to learn as much as you can. Enjoy the process, take notes and make use of every detail I provide.

  • Can I make the course if I’m a beginner or do I need to be an experienced paper florist?

    Normally I would say that you need to have some experience with this craft but I had the chance to see some really great achievements made by beginners. I don’t believe in limits and labels so if you wish to learn go for it! Keep in mind that you need to practice for a few times until you obtain the result you desire but this is normal… I’ve done many tests and made a lot of peonies until I obtained this look. Practice makes perfect! Also, if you are a beginner you will have the opportunity to learn many techniques all at once, some of which took me years to perfect.

  • Can I reach out if I have questions?

    Yes! Please, feel free to ask everything you need to know relating this course. I will do my best to answer fast. You can do that by leaving a comment beneath each lesson and I will reply

  • How long will it take me to complete the project?

    This is a complex course so you should consider a couple of days, maybe even a week if you work just a few hours a day.

  • I have no experience with acrylic coloring. Can I still make the project?

    Yes! I offer a lot of support and advice during this process: I share information about what brands to buy, how to dilute the color, how to apply the color to the paper and many other useful painting tips that will make your process easier. During the course I also offer advice on how to work with the paper just as it is, without painting it.

  • Can I sell my work after completing this course?

    Yes, I have no control over this aspect. I would be very grateful if you tag me when posting on social media and acknowledge the contribution of this course. For more details, make sure to read the Terms of Use.

Let's make some beautiful paper peonies together!

Learn the secrets of creating perfect garden peonies, with a botanical details.